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Classes will run in partnership with Super Soccer Stars, a well established youth soccer organization, that is committed to the same values we hold at Sonic Soccer.  Class content, policies, and safety measures will be quite similar to previous seasons.

Fundamentals | 50mins, Ages 3-8

Classes will introduce basic soccer skills and knowledge, improve basic motor functions, and most of all work to build a positive association with the game. Players will be grouped by age and, when possible, by skill level.

Girls Academy | 60mins, Ages 6-8
Classes will be led by a female coach and will aim to create an experience that builds confidence in their game and fosters their desire to continue with soccer.
Intermediate | 60mins, Ages 6-8
Instruction will come primarily from playing "real" soccer games where the rules have been modified to reinforce specific technical and tactical skills.  Coaches will focus on next level concepts that are tailored to the needs of the players in the class.
Registration is ongoing - visit the registration links below for dates and times.



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